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Inspiration: 1000 Places to See Before You Die (Hardcover)

Our bookshelf has grown over the years to include a rather healthy collection of these coffee-table or reference books that we plan on keeping around forever.

This is one of our favorites for getting inspiration on where to travel next. Many times we'll recommend getting your hands on the kindle version, but this book is full of amazing photography that wouldn't translate well especially if you have a black and white screen. There are a couple of editions of this particular book, so be sure to search for the most recent edition that was released in October of 2019. The link below will take you to the Amazon page where we bought our copy.


The author of this book, Patricia Schultz, has been putting out top notch travel related content for over 25 years. If you're interested in meeting her in person she's currently on a book tour. She'll be hitting Long Island NY on Saturday November 16th, then shooting over to the West Coast.

Check out her actively updated instagram and facebook pages.

Gear: Wireless Mics

We try to keep our hardware purchases to a minimum when it comes to the podcast. The less gear we have, the easier it is to travel. We just purchased these bad boys to see if having lapel mics will make the show sound a bit more relaxed. Typically when we record we have traditional handheld mics on stands hooked up to our recorder.

We've run into some sound issues when the two of us need to interview another couple. What we've done in the past is have each couple share a single microphone. We're going to try these out and see how it goes.

Check back for a full review after we've had a chance to test them out.


Wedding Stuff: Brocoff Photography

We have to give a huge shout out to Chris & Jess from BrocoffPhotography.comAt the time of writing we're yet to get the full album from our wedding day and our engagement shoot, but they went out of there way to send us a few sneak peek shots. Our wedding reception ended pretty late in the evening and they took the time to share a few of their favorites with us the very next morning.


Many more shots to come in the future, but we felt that it was important to make room for Chris and Jess at They were extremely responsive from beginning to end, really made it easy for us to be comfortable in our skin, and were an absolute delight to work with. They started out by interviewing the two of us over the phone to really get to know us and it really showed through once we started seeing some of the photos.

Chris made great suggestions for our engagement shoot and even brought a portable speaker along with him to play our favorite songs to help us get that lovey-dovey look in our eyes. They work great together as a team making sure that no moment is missed. Every time we looked around to see if whatever crazy thing just happened was getting captured on film, we saw them both at different angles.

At the end of the day, it really felt like they were guests at our wedding. Beyond recommending them to anyone shopping for a professional photographer, we would recommend getting to know them as friends. They are an absolute delight to be around and their passion for what they do is inspiring.

Check them out on Instagram @BrocoffPhotography

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