Is Van Life Really a Walk in the Park?

We know this might come as a shock, but van life can be really challenging! Usually the first questions our friends have for us are about the hardest parts of this chosen lifestyle, and we always have stories to tell. In this episode, Kris and Kayla dive into some of the biggest mishaps they’ve encountered living a life on the road full time.

Disclaimer: None of these mishaps have made us consider moving back into a permanent residence 🙂

Channeling the Vortex Energy in Sedona

On their magical trip to Sedona, Kayla attempts to get Kris in touch with his spirituality and connect with Mother Nature on a deeper level. He’s a bit skeptical at first but after several energy charged meditations, he walks away a changed man, having fallen in love with yoga and attained true nirvana.

Just kidding… To find out what really happened, give this episode a listen!

Ringing in the New Year in Joshua Tree National Park

Kris and Kayla recap their New Year’s Eve trip to Joshua Tree National Park and share both the highs and lows of their travels. Save yourself a few headaches and listen to the lessons Kris, Kayla, and their poor friend Alex graciously learned the hard way so that you don’t have to.

Bonus: On the Road from Santa Barbara

Kris and Kayla take you on the road with a bonus episode recorded behind the wheel, while driving from Santa Barbara back to Los Angeles. They share their experiences traveling to their first repeat destination in the van and what they’ve learned since their first trip to now. If background noise isn’t for you then feel free to skip this and check out our other episodes recorded in the studio, background noise free.