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Wedding Shopping in Southern California

This week Kris and Kayla take their show on the road and record on Venice Beach. Discussion covers the various venues they sampled in and around Santa Monica and how they came a full 180 degrees from their original vision of the type of wedding they wanted. Stick around for an inside look into what…

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Salty Dogs in Chicagoland

In this episode: Kris recaps a recent business trip to Milwaukee; we reflect on our many trips to Chicago over the years. Fun fact: Milwaukee is straight north of Chicago.. mind blown. Milwaukee go to eating and drinking at “The Iron Horse. right next to Harley Davidson headquarters. Also putting Milwaukee Summer Fest – 10…

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Heading to Japan

A quick mini-episode where Kris and Kayla check in with each other about expectations heading into their upcoming Japan trip. Kris has been once before, but only for a one night layover outside the Narita airport… which doesn’t really count. As usual they’ve done very little research and are planning to wing it almost every…

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A Love Letter to New York

The first episode of the Keeping Wanderlust podcast. Kris and Kayla try to find their radio voice while providing the backstory of their early days courting each other in New York City. Fear not wanderlust-nation, future episodes will not run as long as this one. This is just an opportunity to get to know us a bit before diving into the other episodes. Listen in for a few insider tips if you’ve never been to the big apple before, and have a laugh as they stroll down memory lane.

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Keeping Wanderlust Podcast Trailer

If you haven’t listened to the Keeping Wanderlust Podcast before and need a quick way to determine whether our voices are going to drive you up a wall, listen to this five minute teaser of clips pulled from our various episodes. The Keeping Wanderlust Podcast is our sonic time-capsule for documenting our favorite experiences falling…

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