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Wedding Shopping in Southern California

This week Kris and Kayla take their show on the road and record on Venice Beach. Discussion covers the various venues they sampled in and around Santa Monica and how they came a full 180 degrees from their original vision of the type of wedding they wanted. Stick around for an inside look into what was the beginning of the electric scooter craze, what it’s like growing up in Southern California, a couple of restaurants to check out, and our overrated/underrated game at the end.

Spoiler alert: Pretty much everything Kris and Kayla took a hard stance on in this episode they eventually flip-flopped on. Little did they know that the venue they both decided on in this episode is not where they would eventually get married. Check out future episodes to hear the saga about negotiating the contract. Additionally, neither one of them had ridden one of those electric scooters yet even though they were against them. Finally, the Killer Shrimp restaurant that Kris remembered from his years living here wasn’t the same anymore. They did get a chance to go to the new location the restaurant moved to, but they both agreed that there was clearly something lacking when they left.

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