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Selling all of our Stuff - Everything must GO!

That's right! We're taking the plunge into the minimalist lifestyle and selling everything in our apartment that isn't bolted down. We've been living together in the same place roughly four years and have accumulated an ungodly amount of stuff.

Check out our OfferUp page -

If you live in NYC and are willing to make the trek out to Long Island City, anything and everything you see on this page is up for grabs. All prices are negotiable, especially if you're willing take multiple things off of our hands all at once.

Check back periodically to see what we've added to the list. We've bundled things together in hopes that we can unload entire sections of our apartment in bulk.

Make us an offer.. the more you take, the better price. 

Use the contact form on the right to let us know which items you're interested in and we'll get right back to you. If you leave us your cell phone number we'll text you instead of emailing. If there's something specific that you need, we probably have it. Just ask. There's a good chance we just haven't taken photos of it yet.

$500 3 Guitars + Stand + Wall Hooks

Three different types of guitars, plus a folding stand, wall hooks, and some miscellaneous add-ons. Preference will be give to whomever wants to take all of them off our hands at once.

  • Brown Guitar is a 12 string. Missing a single string, but we never play this one, so you should probably have all the strings replaced.
  • Electric guitar has a USB connection to use with games like Rock Smith on PC or XBox. Great for someone trying to learn.
  • Black guitar is an acoustic-electric with XLR and quarter-inch connections will built-in tuner. This was our go to guitar with the most miles on it.
  • Wall hooks work great if you're just looking to purchase these as a home decor item.
  • Guitar stand holds up to three guitars and folds flat for easy storage.
  • Extras include a USB cord for the electric guitar, a USB extension cord, a USB Mic, and a handful of guitar picks.

$55 All the Glassware You'll Need

So you used to live with roommates that had a full kitchen; now you're moving in to your own place, but you don't have any kitchen stuff. We need to get rid of everything in our kitchen.

  • Martini Glasses
  • Whiskey Glasses
  • Beer Mugs Stolen from the bar
  • Large Shot Glasses, also stolen from the bar
  • Glass Mugs
  • Wine Glasses
  • Champagne Glasses
  • Beer Koozies
  • Travel Mugs
  • Random Yetis
  • Wine Tumblers
  • Sports Bottles

$55 Bowls, Mugs, French Press, Plates, Japanese Tea Set

Everything you need to solve the problem of consuming liquids without a solidly formed container to hold them in place while they make the trip to your face hole.

  • Set of bowls; microwave and oven safe
  • Crocks; please only use for French Onion soup
  • Tea Set; that we brought back from Japan
  • Mugs; 8 in total, a couple of matching sets too
  • French Press; two different sizes
  • Plates; not a good solution for soup but great for other non-liquid food stuffs

$55 Fleece Blankets and Travel Neck Pillows 

How we ended up with two more fleece blankets than we have people, or more travel neck pillows than we have necks, is a puzzle we have yet to put together. Help us recover some of the square footage in our apartment by taking these things off our hands. Perhaps you know someone who is always cold... all the time... even when the heat is on.

One of the neck pillows was purchased at the Shang Hai airport with the last bit of local currency we happened to have on hand. And, yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That funky brown neck pillow also doubles as a red-butted monkey. Just unzip the pillow and turn its guts inside out and you've got something to cuddle with when you're not on a plane.

$100 Entire Book Shelf

Who needs a Kindle when you can lug around over fifty pounds of hard copy with you every time you move. One day we'd like to sell our actual bookshelf, but before we can do that we need to unload thousands of pages of printed word. Perhaps you own a used book store, are starting your own library, or need a specific size book to hold up that lopsided coffee table you refuse to get rid of. All we ask is that you find these a home where they'll be put to good use. Purchase our entire library and learn any/all of the following:

  • How to Tend Bar
  • How to Manage/Invest Your Money
  • All About Whiskey
  • Amazing Flavor Pairings
  • How to Sell
  • All About Baseball
  • Traveling
  • And a ton of fiction

$75 Wooden Floating Shelf + Prints + Picture Frame + Wall Hanging

Maybe your ex left in the middle of the day and took everything but the ice cube trays. Maybe you're at the beginning of seven years of bad luck after accidentally breaking that mirror you had on the wall. Or, perhaps it's time to take down those posters you've had scotch taped to the walls since you were a freshman in college. Either way, you've decided it's time to start adulting and your home decor should match.

  • Handmade wooden shelf 60" wide x 7" deep; bought from Etsy.
  • Wooden photo prints brought home from Thailand.
  • Wooden "Wander" wall hanging
  • Wooden window frame clothespin picture frame
  • Wooden Live Love Laugh Sign
  • Wooden Painted California Surfboard

$500 Traktor Kontrol S4 + Photo Printer + Monitor

Never made it as a DJ. Never made it as a photographer. Never really had a use for this extra monitor.

  • Traktor Kontrol can work as a midi controller for those who know what that is, or you can go out and buy software from Native Instruments to skip the learning curve.
  • Monitor works, but it doesn't have a stand. I used it with a wall mount back in the day. You'll need to find your own power and connector cables.
  • Printer is a beast. It scans, copies, and prints the way you'd expect, but it's specialty is it's ability to print 4x6 photos all the way up to the edge (aka full bleed). I've thrown in a bunch of photo paper too.

$355 Bar Cart + Wood Butcher Block+ Charcuterie Board + Cheese Slicer

Yes. We like wood.

  • Bar cart is on wheels, stands 31" tall and is 31" wide. Has a holder for knives on the side.
  • Cheese cutter from Sonoma Williams, only used a couple of times. Doesn't work on Parmasan cheese as well as I hoped it wood. Also comes with a plastic lid to keep your favorite cheddars from sweating.
  • Charcuterie board folds into a little triangle for easy storage.
  • Butcher block has nice and heavy so it won't move around while you're chopping stuff.

$55 Stainless Steel Martini Shaker + Jiggers + Shot Hammer + Flasks + Corky Screw + Sangria Jug + Bartending Books + Round Rocks Ice Cube Makers

Because we drink a lot, someone thought it would be a great idea to buy us a bunch of bartending stuff. What they didn't know, is that we pretty much stick to drinking whiskey... neat.

  • Sale of these items is not an endorsement by the Keeping Wanderlust podcast to become a raging alcoholic.
  • The consumption of alcohol may lead one to think that they are speaking at a normal volume.
  • Extended use of displayed tools may lead to pregnancy.

$125 Paint Brushes + Painters Box + Canvases 

Take them all please 🙂

  • Painters carrying box thing
  • Tons of acrylics plus white and black gesso
  • Photo size hard mini canvases - blank
  • Cardboard picture frames
  • All the Brushes - some used
  • Large 4 panel canvases - repaint over them if you don't like the design
  • 4 Picture frame canvases; needs repainting, photos not included
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