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Half love story..

Half travel guide...

Half sober.

Grab a glass of wine and tune in to the Keeping Wanderlust podcast. Follow Kris and Kayla as they step out of their comfort zones and explore the world together. Life is too short to learn everything the hard way, so let them make the mistakes on your behalf. Hilarity will ensue as they fumble their way through new places, unfamiliar customs, and share conversations with new people they meet along the way. 

Kayla is the unstoppable energy that is constantly seeking out adventure or the shortest distance to the highest incline to get the best view. She can be counted on to get up early, blast open the blinds, and meet each new day with an enthusiasm that seldom waivers.

Kris, on the other hand, is a cynical New Yorker that would be happy watching Kayla climb up thousands of stairs from the bottom of the hill with a glass of bourbon in his hand while complaining about how hot it is. But, Kayla seems to get him off his fat ass everywhere they go. 

These two opposites found love together and keep their wanderlust alive by seeking out new adventures around the globe and sharing them with you.  Tune in to share in their journey and get tips on couples travel, how to not kill each other, and some slightly inebriated banter. 

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Keeping Wanderlust Podcast Trailer


If you haven’t listened to the Keeping Wanderlust Podcast before and need a quick way to determine whether our voices are going to drive you up a wall, listen to this five minute teaser of clips pulled from our various episodes. The Keeping Wanderlust Podcast is our sonic time-capsule for documenting our favorite experiences falling…

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