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If you just want to send us money and don't want to read a lot of words go to our Patreon page by clicking the orange button to the right and select your membership level. 

Keeping up the Keeping Wanderlust podcast comes with some modest expenses. There are costs associated with hosting, editing, graphic design, fancy gear and a fair amount of travel. This show has always been a passion project and we make an honest effort to keep advertisements at a minimum.

If you would like to make a contribution towards keeping the show going and would prefer to send your hard earned dollars directly to the hosts of the show, help them close out their wedding registry by clicking on one of the images below to donate directly towards the wanderlust cause.

Otherwise, check out the gear we like or our shameless plugs section of the site. Here you'll find reviews of stuff we've purchased for ourselves that we really stand behind. Some of the posts have links that will redirect you to pages where you can purchase this stuff for yourself. As long as you click through the link, from this website, a small commission will go to the podcast without any additional charge to you. If you would like to sponsor a series of shows please connect with us on the Get in Touch page for a copy of our media kit.

Our Zola Wedding Registry

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